Past Open Juried Exhibition

Every year, the Colour and Form Society presents their annual Open Juried Exhibition. In 2018, it was at the Etobicoke Civic Centre from November 1 through November 29. The opening reception and awards presentation were held from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Sunday Nov 3, 2018

Juror 1:
Jill Price is an interdisciplinary artist currently pursuing a PHD at Queens University in Cultural Studies. Price achieved her BFA and Visual Arts Specialist Certification at the University of Western Ontario and recently completed a MFA in Interdisciplinary Art Media and Design from OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario. Currently the Curator at Quest Art in Midland, Price brings her years as a gallery owner, arts writer and teaching at Georgian College and OCAD University to the jury process. Price is represented by Westland Gallery in London, Ontario and is a founding member of PRINT Collective in Barrie, Ontario.

Juror 2:
Vera Bobson CSPWC, SCA, OSA, CFS
Bobson’s paintings in watercolour have been accepted in over 100 exhibitions in local, provincial and international venues. She considers herself fortunate to have received numerous awards. Bobson is an elected member of several art societies including the Colour and Form Society, a Signature member of the Toronto Watercolour Society and a member of the Etobicoke Art Group.
“Before each painting, I remind myself of my four goals: — to challenge the traditional — explore my vision — use colour expressively — and be fearless.”

Accepted Works

The following pieces have been accepted into the show:

AMOS, Thelma: Fleeting Moment
ARCHIBALD, Sue: The Airship Sputtered As It Drifted By; Toys Outside The Box
ARMSTRONG, Jennifer: The Lost Butterfly; The Inferno
BACKUS, Gail: Wind On The Sea
BAIDAS, Rana: Walk Through
BOYD, Cathy: Rain Over The Valley; Tree Top
BURNSIDE, Monica: Clouds 1
CALDWELL, Gil: Snug Harbour II; Midtown Station
COWAN, Lynden: Ucluelet
CROUGHAN, Grace: The Drive From Lake Arrowhead
DATTA, Jaya: Dialogue With Nature
DEUTSCHMANN, Anne: Phantasia 1; Phantasia 2
DI VINCENZO, Victor: Green Conversation
DINISSUK, Elena: Magenta Air
DOODY, Maureen: Awakening
DUGGAN, Mary Elizabeth: Mid-Summer Mid-Stream
EDWARDS, Carole: Cassiopeia
EGHBALI, Leyla: Hot Day; My Room
ELKIN, Elizabeth: Melange
FARRELL, Nancy: Yukon Space; Harbinger
FINN, Carole: Rock Rubble
GABALIS-MORTIMER, Sonja: Grounded Rhythms; Wind Rush
GLASS, Danny: Cohort B; VIP Room at Art Basel
KISSELEVA, Vera: Drowsy Garden;l Coloured Trail
KITTO-WARD, Jodi: The Forest (Bruce Trail 50th Anniversary)
LATOSIK, Janet: Home And Native Land
LEE, Hyeran: Coexistence 14
LYNES, Patricia: Autumn
MAKINO, Renee: Pictures At An Exhibition; Shaping The Square
MALHOTRA, Vibha: Lure
MAZHAR, Khaula: Reflections
McDONNELL, Ryan: Cup
McNEIL, Kelly: Ice Cold (Polar Bear)
MELO, Celina: Charlebois
MICHALAK, Christy: The Old Sentry On The Hill
MONTAGUE, Christine: The Canadian Flower Crown
MUNN, Lee: Fragment of Light
MURTAUGH, Michele: Feeling Cagey Too
ORRLING, Monica: Summer’s Gift
PARDY, Margaret: What Big Teeth; Grizzly Eye
PERAZA, Michelle: Henry
RENNER, Doreen: Everywhere But There; Lost Horizons
ROBINSON, Carol: Homage To Sewing Immigrants
ROBSON, Sandra: Maddie Fave
SHAW, Barbara: Hurricane
SHIPOWICK, Lesia: In Flux
SIDDIQUI, Thaniath: City Space
SIM, Eunice: Some Times In Our Life; The Tree By The River
SPENGEMANN, Jutta: Floating
STAMBOLIC, Caterina: Lost To The Clouds
STRATFORD, Doug: Red Lobelia; Pathway, Taormina
SUTTON, Anne: Yesterday’s Rain; Water Music
THORNTON, Tracy: Spirit Horse
VANDER WEIR, Sheila: I Surrender; Forever Beautiful
WHYTOCK-LUCAS, Karen: Behind The Mask; Authentic Self
WILSON, Steve: Radio City; Sam The Record Man
YONG, Kim: Alleyway
ZAROWSKY, Micheal: Autumn On The Pond; High Water, Autumn Pond Reflection

The winners are listed below along with the jurors comments:

1st Place
Danny Glass
Title: Cohort B

There are many things that are working well in this painting. From afar we could see that the scale would allow us to become part of the scene. It was also obvious that the artist united the entire painting through colour through undertones, mixing, shadows and highlights. The desaturation of colour and reduction of detail worked to bring the students forward in the painting and push unimportant information back. “ I really appreciated how Glass paid close attention to each individual through the shifting of their forms to create personality, weight, shape and space” I love when a work is meta. Here we’re critiquing artworks and looking at critique, shifting bodies, having discussion and assessing different parts of this figurative canvas; just like what is being visualize in Glass’s composition.”

2nd Place
Kelly McNeil
Title: Ice Cold (Polar Bear)

The technique is undeniable. We were struck by the treatment of the hair, the water, the droplets dripping from the recently submerged bear. “There is even expression within the bear’s eyes and downward glance that helps us imagine what he might be thinking or feeling.” [V. Bobson]

Even the scale comes close to what we would encounter if we were to view these majestic creatures at the zoo or upon visiting the arctic.

3rd Place
Michael Zarowsky
Title: Autumn on the Pond

We had some arguments here as we loved both of Zarowsky’s works. In the end Autumn on the Pond came to forefront due to the scale which invites us to walk through the wet grasses and commune with nature. “I really enjoy how the artist investigates colour and form at a microscopic level taking the imagery into the abstract.” [J. Price]

Honourable Mention
Doreen Renner
Title: Lost Horizons

Materially playful, we were impressed how the work changes from up close and at a distant. Highly graphic from afar, the lights and darks executed through pattern and shape draw you in to a much more delightful rendering of varied colours and space. Transparency, opaqueness, line and texture all become important in moving the viewers eye around and deeper into the work. The perfect balance of the organic and the geometric form, when looking closely you can see the complexity of the artist’s process.

Honourable Mention
Anne Sutton
Title: Yesterday’s Rain

The handling of paint in this work disappears amongst the rocks, water and mist depicted. Sutton’s use of negative space in the upper right hand corner helps us imagine a vast body of water and the splashes of foam assist in communicating the power, speed and movement of water. The treatment of value is also exquisite, able to create form, shape, space and detail above and below the surface.

More information about the exhibition can be found here.