Past Open Juried Exhibition

Every year, the Colour and Form Society presents their annual Open Juried Exhibition. In 2016, it was at the Etobicoke Civic Centre from October 30 to November 24.

The Jurors

Professor Marie Charbonneau:

Marie Charbonneau has taught a wide range of courses at OCADU for over 35 years. Born near Chatham, she came to Toronto to study at OCA. Following graduation she received a assistantship to study in Italy with the Off-Campus Florence Programme. In 1979, after being awarded the Greenshield’s Grant, she returned to Europe to spend several months painting in the Arc Valley in Southern France.

Ms Carbonneau has been a member of the Watercolour Society for over a decade. She has participated in both group and solo exhibitions across Canada and her art is represented in both public and private collections.

Dr. Ortansa Moraru

Dr. Ortansa Moraru is a staff member at the AGO and works in the print collection. She began doing woodcuts in 1987. In 1993, she was awarded her first scholarship at the 4th European Biennial of Fine Arts Academies held in Maastricht, Holland. Another two scholarships were awarded to her from the “Dante Alighieri” Cultural Society in Rome, Italy, in 1996 and 1998. Since immigrating to Canada from Romania, in 2002, her art has garnered 3rd Prize at the IV International Biennial of Graphic Arts, in Francaville al Mare, Italy (2006); Juror’s Award at the Glenhyrst Art Gallery Juried Drawing Exhibition, in Brantford, Ontario (2007); 3rd Prize – Abstract at the SCA 41ST Open Juried Exhibition, and the National Ethnic Press and Media Council’s Arts/Social Justice Award (2009).

Moraru is a member of the Drawing Society of Canada, the International Mezzotint Society, the Ontario College of Teachers and is President of the Society of Canadian Artists.

The Entrants

The following entries are on display:

  • Christa Adler – “Magnum Mysterium”
  • Thelma Amos – “Out of the Blue”
  • Thelma Amos – “Red”
  • Fatima Andrade – “Jewelled Spirit”
  • Fatima Andrade – “Transport”
  • Gail Backus – “Autumn”
  • Vera Bobson – “Black and Blue”
  • Vera Bobson – “White Wedge”
  • Pat Bond – “Glimpses of Paradise (book)”
  • Gill Caldwell – “Inner City Winter”
  • Susan Clark – “Parallel Pathways”
  • Jaya Datta – “Sellers”
  • Anne Deutschmann – “Circle of Life”
  • Betty Drebot – “Racoon in a Tree”
  • Betty Drebot – “Random Passage”
  • Elizabeth Elkin – “Tower”
  • Elizabeth Elkin – “Window to Paris”
  • Erdmute Gottschling – “Reflection”
  • Heather Grindley – “Water Series #12″
  • Heather Grindley – “Water Series #14″
  • Diana Lee – “Living Wall”
  • Kenji Makino – “Roofline Variations”
  • Kenji Makino – “Transition”
  • Renee Makino – “Magic Mountain”
  • Renee Makino – “Shadows in the Afternoon Sun”
  • Susan Mandel Davidson – “Shadow Walkers”
  • Susan Mandel Davidson – “Toronto Living”
  • Kelly McNeil – “Blue Velvet”
  • Kelly McNeil – “Teaching Coda”
  • Camille Muller – “Salt of the Earth”
  • Pam Pols – “Celestial Sunset”
  • Pam Pols – “My Wilderness”
  • Doreen Renner – “Allegro”
  • Doreen Renner – “Vortex 2″
  • Donna Saull – “The Red Chair”
  • Lynne Schumacher – “Winter Blues”
  • Lynne Schumacher – “Winter TrailThrough the Snow”
  • Lesia Shipowick – “Urbanity”
  • Gerda Sless – “Eagle Nebula”
  • Gerda Sless – “Swan Nebula”
  • Ralph Smith – “Cardiff Beach”
  • Jutta Spengemann – “Floating”
  • Joanna Turlej – “Blossoms”
  • Joanna Turlej – “Dancing for You”
  • Tony VanderVoet – “Killarney Dream”
  • Tony VanderVoet – “World of Ice”
  • Sheila VanderWier – “Humbly in His Presence”
  • Sheila VanderWier – “Knock and the Door will Open”
  • Steve Wilson – “Dunlap Observatory”

The winners, along with the juror’s comments can be found here