Past Open Juried Exhibition

Every year, the Colour and Form Society presents their annual Open Juried Exhibition. In 2019, it was at the Etobicoke Civic Centre from October 28 through November 27. The opening reception and awards presentation were held from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Sunday November 3, 2019

The jurors were:

Giuseppe Pivetta

Born in France of Italian parents, Giuseppe trained at the L’ecole des Beaux Arts in Toulouse, France. Upon arriving in Canada in 1959, he studied portrait painting with renowned Italian/Canadian painter, Albert Chiarandini, and at the Ontario College of Art. Giuseppe also taught artistic method in workshops for the Toronto Separate School Board. His work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections in Canada, the US, Asia and Europe. He has been exhibiting his art regularly since 1962 and is a member of Ontario Society of Artists where one of his paintings was accepted by the archives of Ontario.

Roslyn Levin

Roslyn has been painting professionally since 1981. Her sumi-e or Japanese brushstroke paintings have appeared in both national and international (China, Japan and Great Britain) exhibits, and in collections in Holland, Australia, Great Britain and the US.
Roslyn has acquired many awards and honours for her sumi-e painting and has taught this art form since 1997. She is known for her ability to capture the essence of her subjects in as little as one brushstroke and in 2017 published her book, “The Brush Dances”.
Roslyn works out of her studio in Orangeville, ON, at the Dragonfly Gallery and is an elected member of the Artists for Conservation, and the Society of Canadian Artists.

The accepted pieces were as follows:

ALVEZ, Carey, “Hope”
BACKUS, Gail, “Autumn dance”
BOWE, Wendy, “Coco peacock”
BURKE, Zelie, “Splish splash”
BURNSIDE, Monica, “Reflective moments”
CHANEY, Shaukat, “Tchaikovsky”
CHIEN, Stephen, “Rusty red truck”
CHINYAMA, David, “Cinderella moments”
CLARK, Edward, “Hope”
CLARK, Edward, “The Blitz”
COULTAS, Stella, “Disintegrating garden”
DATTA, Jaya, “Puppeteer”
DATTA, Jaya, “Will love you forever”
DENTE, Mary Anne, “A little light magic”
DEUTSCHMANN, Anne, “Crackras”
DUMAS-HUDECKI, Pat, “Dundurn Castle staircase”
GABALIS-MORTIMER, Sonja, “Quiet chaos”
GABALIS-MORTIMER, Sonja, “Winter red”
GARDHOUSE, Charline, “Elation”
GIRGLA, Priti Girgla, “A river runs through”
HILLS, Dave, “Fresh snow Mimico Creek”
KULIG, Darlene, “Belle Gozzo”
KULIG, Darlene, “Strawberry moon on red canoe”
McCARTHY, Mary, “Stormy harvest”
McNEIL, Kelly, “Arctic ice”
McNEIL, Kelly, “Red Square”
MELO, Celina, “Winter’s breath”
ORRLING, Monica, “My mothers garden #10″
PARDY, Margaret, “The slouch”
PETROV, Maria, “White Flowers in a jar”
PETROV, Maria, “Sunflowers”
PINHEIRO, Diogo, “Mount Pleasant #3″
RENNER, Doreen, “Earth, wind and fire”
RENNER, Doreen, “Loose ends”
ROBERTSON, Sean C., “Family”
ROBERTSON, Sean C., “Renaissance”
SCHIRM, Stephanie, “Climate change”
SCHIRM, Stephanie, “Global Warming”
SCHMIDT, Barbara, “The bridge to Beth’s house”
SCHNEIDER, Olaf, “Ayasha”
SCHUMACHER, Lynne, “Morning Light”
SHIPOWICK, Lesia, “Primary haze”
SHIPOWICK, Lesia, “Network to the clouds”
SIM, Eunice, “The look”
SIM, Eunice, “The look – unforgettable”
SIMMONS SMITH, Nancy, “A fine frenzy”
SKOFF, Michael Deborah, “Sky fragment”
SKOFF, Michael Deborah, “Nothing left”
VANDER WIER, Sheila, “Reflection”
VANDER WIER, Sheila, “Delight in the little things”
WILLIAMS, Acquaetta, “Endlessly”
WILLIAMS, Acquaetta, “Light into light”
ZAROWSKY, Micheal, “Red Arch”
ZAROWSKY, Micheal, “Autumn on the Pond #51″
ZHOU, Jie, “Unionville Markham (plein air)”