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The Colour and Form Society is a non-commercial society, promoting quality art and freedom of expression. Its members consistently exhibit throughout the year. Beside other exhibitions, there is one juried exhibition per year and a biennial juried exhibition, both of which are open for non-members’ submissions. The acceptance into any of the CFS Open Juried Exhibitions garners the artist the right to submit for membership into the CFS. The Colour and Form Society is an Exhibiting Society, based in Ontario, Canada with a continually evolving membership of close to one hundred professional artists.CFS has played a significant role in the cultural mosaic of Canada. The post war period (Second World War) saw an influx of many Europeans to Canada. Among these “New Canadians” were visual artists of considerable talent. Forming an association and presenting their work as a unit, brought recognition of their distinct creativity. These new artists added considerably to the escalation of art awareness that took place in Canada, especially in the l950s and 1960s.

Since its formation in 1952, the Society has continued to grow, welcoming artists from different parts of the world. The Colour and Form Society is now an integral part of the artistic community of Canada and is one of the major art societies in Ontario. It continues to provide art exhibitions of excellence. Its members are active participants on various cultural boards. Some members have become well-known international artists, showing their work in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Colour and Form Society makes every effort to bring to public awareness, the resources that it has within its creative visual artists. It utilizes all means of the communication media available in the presentation of its exhibitions. The CFS is an intrinsic part of the Canadian art scene. Singular in its multi-cultural structure, it adds new dimension to the Canadian identity.

Colour and Form Society member KENJI MAKINO died suddenly and unexpectedly, in his sleep, on Saturday April 15. He was a CFS member since 2012. We will miss him.
Kenji was a young 80 years, with an adventurous mind and spirit, very actively painting and travelling the world. Kenji was drawing, painting and creating art all his life.
In his own words: he considered his paintings to be an expression of his special experiences and his expanded awareness of personally inspiring landscapes and abstract concepts in math, physics, haiku poems and Zen – painting in his studio in Mississauga, some time after the first immediate impressions, he created a separate reality, influenced by the effects of memory and his later poetic interpretation.

Kenji studied Japanese printmaking in 1970-71 at Gaston Petit’s studio in Tokyo, then back in Canada painted in oils for many years and had a show in Japan in 2009. Then at Haliburton School of the Arts, Neilson Park Creative Centre, and other workshops, adopted acrylic paints as his favourite medium. These paintings ranged from non-objective to semi abstract – in an expressionist style. He particularly admired artist Nicolas de Stael. Kenji’s work has been exhibited in many juried art shows in the GTA since 2011 and he was also a member of the Etobicoke Art Group.

CFS logo 1952

Since its formation in 1952, the Society has continued to grow, welcoming artists from different parts of the world.