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In Memory of the artist P. Mansaram

P. Mansaram, a long time CFS member, since 1974, passed away on December 6, 2020 at the age of 86.

He was our beloved friend and colleague. He was also an outstanding and very accomplished artist.

Mansaram experimented with various techniques from printmaking and painting to photography, textiles, xerox art, and video. The technique of collage pervades much of Mansaram’s work, serving as an artistic approach that mirrored his experience as a diaspora artist.

Mansaram was a consummate storyteller and a prolific artist. The riches of his life’s work and legacy is currently on view at the Art Gallery of Burlington as part of the touring exhibition The Medium is the Medium is the Medium, curated by Indu Vashist and Toleen Touq and co-organized by SAVAC and the Art Museum at the University of Toronto.

This exhibition celebrates the life and work of this media artist, educator, and maverick. The exhibition is on view at the AGB until January 2, 2021 and will travel on to the Art Gallery of Surrey in 2022.

It highlights the impact Masaram has made on the arts in Canada and acknowledges his invaluable contribution to his local community.

This exhibition is presented with the financial support of the Ontario Arts Council.

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