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Renaissance Woman #3

Leah Dockrill recently received the Crystal Award of Merit  from, an online gallery, for her portrait collage “RENAISSANCE WOMAN #3”, in the “PEOPLE” competition. This piece, handcut paper on canvas , 40 in x 30 in. is one of an ongoing series of portrait collages, inspired by Leah’s friend, Jo Baumann, a Toronto artist. In the late 1950”s and 60’s, Jo was a high fashion model, who graced many international runways. During her career, she developed a substantial professional portfolio, some of which Leah has been permitted to use as starting points for the series.

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Joanna Turlej
Joanna Turlej
Aug 12, 2020

This painting is a great example of using collage in the correct way, just like paintbrush dubs of colour. The vibrancy of red is adding to the overall beauty of the painting.

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