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Shirley Erskine (CFS Past President) receives OSG Honorary Membership

Shirley Erskine ISA, ISEA,SCA (LM), OSG(HM) writes:

“ Greetings, fellow members of the Colour and Form Society.

This deadly pandemic has forced everyone to slow down and assess their priorities, It has also given us the quiet chance to remember good times and to look back on them with a smile. We also have the time for challenges. We are free to experiment with new forms of art and to make discoveries that are exciting and new (at least they are new for me.)

As a Life Member of CFS and having served on just about all facets of the Executive since the early 1970's, it is my pleasure and honour to have been made a Life Member of the prestigious Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) and an Honorary Member of the Oakville Stitchery Guild (OSG). I am thrilled with all of these honours.

The OSG Honorary Membership was a huge surprise to me. The fact that I have been using more fabrics in my collage art and experimenting more with the variances of the many textures I was able to obtain, has been most exciting. For many years my mainstay in collage has been Japanese Rice paper and inks to form a transparent and glass like effect. A “looking into” was my aim. I have had some international success with that and now I am doing an opposite painting form. I am producing an almost 3D effect on building up the works using fabrics, found objects, etc. Working this way has been a challenge in the fact that I had to reset my thinking cap and just dive in, and, win or lose, go for it.

Wish me luck!

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