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Steve Wilson Studios and The Gallery

Steve Wilson Studios and The Gallery in downtown Niagara Falls is closed, due to the recent lockdown for the second time. We are relocating due to the effect of Covid. Also, my building has been sold and I would have only a year left here before the new owners take over the retail space and I would be forced to look for a new location then.

Due to the effect that Covid has had on all businesses - especially small businesses - everyone has had to re-evaluate how it has impacted them and how to move forward. I have had to make the decision to either close up or reduce costs. This includes changes for hosting online shows during lockdown. With that in mind I have made arrangements as of Feb 1st to relocate a few blocks down the street to 4452 Queen St. The new gallery floor space is a little smaller and there is a lot less storage space. However, the new location is more central to downtown. Renovations are in progress and will be open for the first show in March with the Colour and Form Society.

I am looking forward to reopening and seeing you at the gallery when you drop by Niagara Falls. Meanwhile I invite you to visit my website.

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